Why Eco Lithium Golf Cart Batteries?

Rumor has it that Eco batteries have become a favorite brand for Golf Cart owners, especially when Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP) has ranked ECO as a top Golf Cart Battery brand. What makes this battery so special?

First, it knocks acid batteries out of the ball park. We would have to add water to acid batteries when its low. Acid spills, smells and the terminals become corroded. The discharge rate is around 30% per month (compared to 1% to 5% for lithium), and they are heavy.

You don't have to worry about any of that with Lithium LiFePo4 which are zero maintenance, 5x lighter for longer drive time, provide more power and they come with an 8 year factory warranty. 

What is Eco Batteries mission?

Eco Lithium's mission is to build the best lithium battery on the planet. They claim that through tireless hours of R&D, they have created and designed their lithium batteries that would provide years of trouble free service. They use the highest quality liFePo4 cells from the best manufacturers in the world that are meticulously sorted and matched for both capacity and resistance. 

Built to last and easy install

Another unique aspect of Eco Batteries are that they have bundle packs made specifically for your cart make and model for quick and easy installation if you want to save money and upgrade your cart DIY. With the added safety features of having these batteries have a built in monitoring system that prevents overcharging (only Eco chargers are recommended), a proprietary BMS system, and having these batteries tested in 115F ambient temps and extremely cold temperatures, this battery was built to last with safety in mind.

How long does it take to charge your Eco Lithium Batteries?

Take total combined Ah of your battery pack and divide your charge rate of your charger in amps. Example: If you have a 105 Ah battery and 15 amp charger, divide 105 by 15, giving you 7 hours of charge time. 

So why has Eco Batteries become so popular?

So why are Eco Lithium Batteries becoming a popular choice among Golf Cart owners? It may be the reliability, the quality of the battery, the easy installation bundle packs, or even the long warranty. But whatever is making Eco Batteries the talk of the town, this battery is definitely a major upgrade to most of the Golf Cart batteries on the current market.

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