Who are Epoch Batteries?


Epoch batteries were created in 2019 by the 18650 Battery Store who have over a decade of experience with batteries (since 2013). Both these sister companies are located in Stockbridge Georgia.


Engineered in the United States, these batteries are designed to compete with Trojan batteries. They have a superior chemical composition with a greater depth of discharge, reduced weight and longer lifespan than traditional acid batteries. Unlike acid batteries, they are maintenance free, and have an internal battery management system that prevents overcharging and over discharging. They are IP67 certified which means they are protected from dust and water. They can be submerged in water to 1 meter for 30 minutes. These batteries are also designed for easy installation. They have mounting feet with screw holes that allow for the batteries to be put into the cart, secured by a few screws and plugged in. Each battery connects to each other in a parallel series and have a COM port. 



Epoch has several ambaddadors including Major League Fishing Pro Drew Gill, Kyle Cortiana, and Bassmaster College Series "South Carolina Gamecocks". Epoch also promotes influencers to review their batteries on youtube. 

Why choose Epoch?

Not only are Epoch batteries built to last and are engineered by people who have worked with batteries for many years, one of the reasons why people choose Epoch are that they are more affordable than other batteries. 

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