Gas Vs Electric Golf Carts

So which Golf Cart should I choose? Gas or Electric?

Depending on what you want to use your Golf cart for is a huge deciding factor on if you want to get a gas or electric golf cart. Many campgrounds for example prefer electric golf carts because they are silent, and some gas golf carts can be so loud that they are generally frowned upon in areas that are supposed to be more quiet. 

Electric golf carts also produce zero emissions, require less maintenance and are a safer option overall. They use a normal 110v electrical outlet to charge so there is no need to upgrade any of your electrical outlets like other electric vehicles require. If you choose lead acid batteries, you may need to store your batteries in a weather protected environment over harsher conditions like the winter, and they require maintenance including adding distilled water to the batteries ever so often. You also will be swapping out your batteries every 5 to 8 years depending on how well you take care of your batteries and these types of batteries require charging ever so often. If you choose lithium and especially a good size battery (48v 105ah or higher), then you don’t have to worry about maintenance, can drive for miles, lasts longer than lead acid, and if you choose a rapid charger, it only takes a few hours to recharge and be ready for another long trip. 

That doesn’t mean gas golf carts do not have their benefits. Gas golf carts can climb hills easier, go faster, are easier to refill and are best for long distance drives. If you don’t mind the sound, the extra maintenance, extra oil spillage and mess (maybe), extra costs in maintenance, and emissions, gas golf carts can also be a perfect fit for those that don’t want to worry about charging their batteries ever so often.

So which Golf Cart works best for you? What type of golf cart did you choose? We would love for you to leave us a note and a picture of your cart so we can share it too!