Epoch Lithium 48V 120AH Package Golf Cart LiFePO Battery

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This Golf Cart Battery is designed for 48v Golf Carts. It is an exact replacement for the Trojan T-105 battery, and it is IP67 Waterproof with an ability to stack up to 10 batteries in parallel (300Ah). Built tough with a large BMS and heat sink for a long lasting battery.

Upgrade Your Golf Cart with Powerful Lithium Batteries

Experience an unparalleled level of performance and safety with our cutting-edge collection of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries.

Designed with advanced lithium iron phosphate technology (LiFePO4), our batteries offer industry-leading benefits that outshine traditional lead-acid batteries.

With exceptional safety features, including improved stability and reduced fire risk, our LFP batteries prioritize your well-being and those around you.

Enjoy longer cycles and extended lifespan that surpasses lead-acid alternatives, ensuring your golf cart operates at its full potential for a significantly longer time.

Our LFP batteries can handle high temperatures without performance degradation, perfect for the demanding conditions on golf courses.

Forget about constantly recharging or worrying about a drained battery�‚°- our LFP batteries boast a lower self-discharge rate, enabling longer storage with minimal energy loss.

Benefit from the high energy density of our LFP batteries, which means they can store more energy in a smaller space, resulting in a lighter, more efficient golf cart.

Choose from our diverse range of LiFePO4 battery options, including heated and Bluetooth-enabled models, to enhance your golf cart's functionality and convenience.

Don't settle for outdated technology - invest in the future of golf cart power with our collection of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries. Upgrade today and experience a new level of performance and reliability!

Please note, E-Z-GO RXV requires at least 90Ah, or 3 lithium batteries because of their Regen system.

What is included in this package?

How do you connect these batteries in your Golf Cart?

This battery is engineered in the United States and includes a built in Smart Battery Management System (BMS) that protects the battery from Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, Over Temperature and Under Temperature. It also includes 2 COM ports, and are connected in a parallel system. Connect positive to positive. Connect negative to negative.


At Epoch Batteries, we are excited to offer our customers top-of-the-line lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries specifically designed for golf cart applications. Our batteries are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the golf cart industry, providing exceptional performance, safety, and longevity.

Our LiFePO4 batteries boast outstanding safety features, including built-in protection circuits that prevent overcharging and over-discharging. These features greatly reduce the risk of fires or explosions, making them a reliable choice for golf cart applications where safety is paramount.

Our batteries are also known for their extended lifespan. With a cycle life of up to 4,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, they last significantly longer than traditional lead-acid batteries or other lithium-ion batteries. This longevity results in cost savings and reduced downtime for our customers.

Our LiFePO4 batteries are also ideal for golf cart applications due to their higher energy density, which enables them to store more energy in a smaller space. They are also lighter than lead-acid batteries, making them easier to handle and install in golf carts where space is limited.

Our batteries can also operate in a wider range of temperatures than lead-acid batteries, and they can be discharged more deeply without damage. This makes them more efficient for golf cart applications and suitable for use in different environments.

Our LiFePO4 batteries also feature fast charging times and a low self-discharge rate, allowing for more frequent use and longer storage times. With our comprehensive warranty, we stand behind the quality of our batteries and are dedicated to providing the best possible products and services to our customers in the golf cart industry.

  • Warranty registration here: https://www.epochbatteries.com/pages/product-registration


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