EZGO PDS Controller Alltrax XCT Regen 300A

Sale price$1,222.00





Shunt wound controllers for E-Z-Go PDS.

Choose from 300A, 400A and 500A models.

Native OEM connectors eliminate the need for adapter boards or cutting and jumping wires to install a controller.

USB programming port.

OEM style speed controller or Alltrax's "Go Fast" mode.

Fan assembly (sold separately) allows for longer continuous power output for heavy duty applications.

Universal mounting adapter (sold separately) bolts into OEM mounting holes for no fuss installation.

Fuses are included with controllers.

Proper current capacity solenoids required for use with Alltrax controllers, DO NOT use stock solenoids with Alltrax Controllers.

All Solenoids require diodes and pre-charge resistors

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