Clear EZGO TXT Bolt Folding Windshield For T48 Models

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You choose how to use it, warm yourself on cold, rainy mornings or let fresh air flow through on hot, muggy afternoons with our folding hinged windshield.


Fits E-Z-GO TXT models with 1" diameter roof supports
High-quality Clear 3/16" thick acrylic
Bolt-in-style for a snug, vibration-free fit
Shatter and crack resistant
Installation hardware included, easily attaches to your existing windshield frame


If your cart has 3/4" roof supports you will need to order the windshield for the standard TXT models

Please Note: Do not remove protective film until you've dry-fitted your windshield. Removing the protective film will make windshield ineligible for return.

Windshield Dimensions:

Overall Height (including hinge): 32.068"
Top Width (widest point): 39"
Bottom Width (widest point): 41.1"

Please Note: Dry fit windshield before removing protective film from windshield. Removal of protective film will make the windshield ineligible for return.

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