TSX 3 440Amp 36 48V BlueTooth Controller

Sale price$750.00




TSX 3.0 440AMP 36-48V Bluetooth Controller

Cost effective improvement to increase the speed and power of a golf car

The Navitas app allows you to monitor the vehicle's performance

Built-in speedometer

Gear indicator (Forward, Neutral, Reverse)

One-click Car Lock Out feature

Live battery voltage monitoring

Provides alerts that you can send directly to your technician/dealer by email

New "Cruise mode" for higher top speed (Up to 15% faster)

Speeds up to 23 mph with stock 18" tires

Lower Speeds = Greater Range

Up to 75% more raw power than a stock controller. Improved hill climb capability with 22/23" tires

Use your stock motor, solenoid and existing wiring

Plug and play installation, works with your existing motor and plugs directly into your carts wiring harness

Control your regen braking in forward and reverse for added safety when driving or backing down inclines

Use the "lock out feature" to lock in settings to control power and speed

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