Yamaha Gas G Boost Severe Duty Oversize Tire Clutch Kit G29 Drive

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G-Boost Club Car Clutch Calibration Performance Kit was designed for carts that require more belt squeeze, eliminate slippage and allow better backshift / downshift.



Fits 2007-2016 G29/Drive YDR Golf cars w/TEAM Clutches All kits work with High-speed gears.

Gaining back low end torque lost when installing high speed gears.

Clutch Calibration Kit Includes:

Drive clutch weights, Drive spring, Drive Belt, Driven Springs and Instructions

Severe Duty Belt grips clutches better which lowers clutch heat and increase clutch efficiency

Increased pulling power Increased belt life

Please Note: Does not include drive clutch weights


Additional Information:

Weight: 3 lbs Dimensions: 13.5x9.5x4 in # of Passengers: 2-4

Application: Oversize Tires, Heavy Workload and/or Hilly Terrain

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