Reliance 48V Solid State Battery Meter & USB Charger

Sale price$195.00




Introducing the most accurate Battery Meter on the market. This new Reliance meter features an advanced self learning intelligence that adapts to your specific battery pack and compensates as batteries age. This unit also features a built in DC/DC converter and 2 Amp USB port for charging Smart phones and small tablets.


DC/DC converter and USB port allows smart devices to be safely and efficiently charged
Integrated alarm provides an audible indication of low state-of-charge
Backlit LCD allows easy-to-read operation in low lit environments
2.5 LCD digits allow display of state-of-charge from 0 to 100% in large easy-to-read format
Environment protection of IP65 (with connector installed) ensures operation in harsh environments


Solid State Battery Meter
48 Volt Wire Harness
Please Note: Will not work with 48 volt E-Z-GO RXV Models. Please use #8062 for RXV models.(/I>

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