Yamaha G29 Drive 2007 to 2016 GTW MACH3 Flip Frame Only

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GTW MACH3 Flip Frame Only Yamaha G29/Drive (Years 2007-2016)

Tech Tip:

We highly recommend upgrading your stock leaf springs to heavy-duty versions which will help support the extra weight of the seat kit and additional passengers.
Stock springs were designed to support a couple of golf bags. The addition of a rear seat kit can add up to 150 lbs. plus the weight of 1-2 passengers.
Upgraded Coil Springs for your Yamaha G29/Drive 2007-2016 : #6280 (*sold separately)
Dacromet coated hardware pack provides a cleaner, less visible, & rust free installation to your GTW Mach3 rear seat kit.
Upgraded Dacromet Hardware Packs also available #01-191HW (sold separately)

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