What are UNO Batteries

UNO batteries are located in Idaho and are an offshoot of the company "Titan Power". This 100% Made in the USA battery is well tested, a single bank 90Ah 48v Lithium Ion battery that supports up to 600 amp bursts and 100 amps of constant output which makes going up hills easy compared to other batteries.

UNO batteries boasts of only weighing 48 lb, expects twice the speed and acceleration driving up hills with 60% better voltage, and reduces energy consumption by 35%

UNO batteries have a patented battery management system that ensures charge safety and eliminates the risk of electrical shortage.

The battery comes with a Bluetooth connector that will connect to your phone and has a 60+ mile range class 1 cart.

One of the cool aspects of UNO batteries are that they are well tested for safety and durability that they do video stunts with their batteries.



Dropping the battery in a tank of water

Putting the UNO battery in 150F sauna

Drop Test

Frozen Cold Test