What are the Ultimate EV Golf Carts?

Our new Ultimate EV S4 Golf Carts are street legal, drive at speeds around 20 to 24 MPH, include a 2 year worry free factory warranty and are compatible with E-Z-GO aftermarket parts for easy repairs and customizations. 

What sets our Golf Carts apart from the rest?

Our Ultimate EV Golf Carts include a rapid charging 48v 105 AH Lithium Battery. Depending on your carts customizations and weight, each charge can let you drive up to 50 miles, and it takes between 3 to 5 hours to recharge your cart for another 50 miles. All you need is a regular 110v outlet to plug in your cart, and you are ready to go for another adventure!

To lift or not to lift

If you are going to drive in rough conditions such as off roading, you may want to get the lifted Ultimate EV with all terrain tires. If you are looking for a smooth ride and want to drive on roads with posted speed limits 35 MPH and under, then you may want to get a non-lifted Ultimate EV

Storm Body, or Phoenix?

The type of look you want for your Ultimate EV and color are very important to get those compliments from friends and family. Ask us about our different body type looks, and our many colors we offer! Ask us about additional body wrap options.

Have your Golf Cart delivered to your door!

If you live within 20 miles of our location, ask about our free shipping program! Our shipping price for 48 lower U.S. states is only $799. 

Our Golf Carts come with a VIN

When you receive your Golf Cart, you will also receive full paperwork and the VIN number of the cart which can be registered with your state for a title. Our Golf Carts are built to last and are made in the USA.

Check out our Golf Cart Ultimate EV's here!