Golf Carts & Weird Noises

Help! My cart is making weird noises! 


Don’t hit the panic button just yet! Golf carts are designed to be quiet and efficient, but they, like any vehicle, can develop noises over time. Here are the 5 most common noises and what to do when you hear them. 

Squeaking, or Chirping:  No, you do not have a critter in your cart. More than likely you have worn brake pads or brake drums. Brakes are very important so the best solution is to replace the brake pads, and you may be able to do this yourself.  Of course you can have a professional inspect and service the brakes. By performing regular maintenance you can avoid this issue. 

Clicking or Popping from the Suspension: This is not coming from your joints when you get in your cart. If you have loose or damaged suspension components, that will lead to the noise you are hearing. The best plan for this issue is to have the suspension system inspected by a technician. They can tighten or replace the damaged parts for you. 

Whining, or Grinding from the transmission/motor:  There are more than likely issues with the motor, transmission, or even the differential. Get your cart to a golf cart mechanic to diagnose the problem. Any affected components may need to be replaced.  

Rattling or Clanking: Any loose nuts, bolts, or other components on the cart can produce a rattling/ clanking sound. Inspect your cart for loose parts and tighten if necessary. It could be something as simple as replacing the washers. You can always check for loose connections when you perform routine maintenance.  

High Pitched Whistling or Hissing from the belts:  Worn or loose drive belts can create those noises. Check your drive belts for signs of wear. Tighten or replace if needed. 

The biggest take away is to take care of your cart by performing routine maintenance. Take a few minutes now and then to just give the cart some TLC. It could save you time and money down the road.