Do I really need to insure my Golf Cart?

Do I really need to insure my Golf Cart?  

We insure our homes, cars, and other “toys”. Should you put insurance on a golf cart? What could go wrong? It doesn’t go that fast. Nothing will happen to it. Many folks may tell you not to insure the cart if it is only being used on a golf course, but, keep in mind, some carts do have glass windshields which do not fair well when a golf ball hits them. Glass windshields are more expensive.  

You would be amazed at what can happen to a golf cart. Especially when one tends to imbibe a bit too much.  

The first situation has nothing to do with drinking and driving a golf cart. A gentleman let his daughter take the golf cart out for a spin. The cart in question is a brand new, 6 passenger, lifted model. Thankfully, it came with seat belts. Long story short; Tree-1   Golf Cart-0. No one was hurt, which is great. The owner called to let me know what had happened and asked for help in getting repairs done. My first question, “Do you have insurance on it? “.  His answer made me cringe. With the parts and labor involved to repair the cart and get it back to original condition, the total cost will be $2445.  

The second situation may have had some libations involved. The cart was a used cart but was customized so there were some accessories added. The owner rolled the cart, resulting in stitches for him and with parts and labor $4400 to repair the cart. The difference in this situation is that the owner had insurance. This was the second accident with this cart and his insurance still paid close to 75% of the repair cost.  

I spoke with American Family Insurance. Golf Cart insurance is very similar to auto insurance. There is liability, comprehensive, and collision.  Basically, the newer and more expensive the cart is, the higher the annual premium. If you have customization done to that cart, you may want to go with more coverage.  If you have a “beater cart” you may want to go with minimal coverage. Most golf cart insurance will cost you from $100 to $140 per year. That amount can vary depending on the state you reside in.  

In closing, save the headache and do the insurance. You will be glad you did.