Shipping Note:  From May through July is golf cart parts "prime time".  In addition, most of our suppliers and manufacturers are short-staffed due to Covid issues.  Because of those facts some shipments are delayed by a few days.  Products that would have normally shipped in 1-2 days are taking a few extra days.  Some manufacturers are seeing longer delays (for instance, Steeleng Manufacturing is now at about two weeks for a lead time).  Thank you for your patience and understanding with this issue as they are out of our control.  Hopefully things will return to normal again soon.

Ultimate Cart Parts strives to make its shipping and handling prices and policy as fair as possible so you benefit from our low prices and the convenience of delivery right to your door. Orders are processed throughout the day Monday through Friday. In most cases orders are processed within minutes during normal business hours (M-F) to make sure we can get your products to you as quickly as possible.

Shipping charges are listed below and will be listed on the checkout page as well.  Over-sized, heavy weight, or items that have to be shipped via truck lines or other carriers will incur additional shipping charges. These items include, but are not limited to, cargo beds & boxes, body parts, dash boards, car covers, etc. 

UPS Shipping Rates*

Order TotalStandard Delivery (2-5 Business Days)0 Days)
Up to $79.99$10.99
$80 to $119.99$13.99
$120 to $199.99$17.99

In the event additional charges are necessary we will contact you prior to shipping.  It is important to note that freight orders that are undeliverable or refused are subject to a $125 restocking fee.  The cost of freight products is charged to us both ways when such an event occurs.  Please help us keep prices low by accepting the products you have ordered.  Thank you for your understanding.

Why do we charge what we charge for shipping?  Shipping charges are a very real expense.  The fact is, there isn't an order where we make money on shipping.  In over 90% of cases we lose money on it.  Shipping charges include UPS/Fedex rates, packaging costs, human resources to manage and handle packages, insurance, warehousing expenses and more.  There is never really "free shipping", you are paying for it in the cost of products you purchase.  We can charge more for products and less for "shipping charges", or we can charge less for products and more for shipping charges.  Either way consumers are always paying for the cost of the product and shipping charges.  Just know that we work very hard to attempt to keep those charges as low as we can while still offering the best service possible.

We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.  While we generally do not ship products overnight please contact us for a quote when the need arises.

Questions:  612-284-0431

Email: [email protected]

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