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Spark Plug NGK #BCPR5ES 6130. For E-Z-GO ST480
Spark Plug NGK gas (4 cycle) 1991-up

Spark Plug NGK #BCPR5ES 6130. For E-Z-GO ST480

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This Spark Plug is used in 4 cycle gas Model Yamaha Golf Carts made from 1991 to Present and 4 cycle E-Z-GO Golf Carts & Utility Vehilces made from 1991 to Present.

The 4 cycle gas  Model Yamaha Golf Carts require only one spark plug. The 4 cycle gas E-Z-GO Golf and Utility Cars requires two plugs per car. The BCPR5ES 6130, is a HOTTER plug than the BCPR5ES 6130. This is a long reach plug.

If you are replacing a spark plug, it would be a good time to check over the other parts of your golf cart or utility vehilce engine and do a minor tune up. Please check the following suggestions and replace as necessary.

Golf Cart Air Filters, Golf Cart Oil Filters, and Golf Cart Fuel Filters, as well as spark plugs, should be changed on bi-annual basis.

You may find everything you need for a tune up in one of our Golf Cart & Utility Vehicle Tune-Up Kits.

You may also want to look over your Golf Cart Drive Belt for cracks and splits. Old belts will also stretch and narrow with use.

If the Drive Belt is bad, best check the Golf Cart Starter/Generator Belt as well for wear and tear.

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